Why Do You Need Content Marketing?


The internet is accessible worldwide, and consequently, it is now overcrowded with a plethora of websites. As a result, it has made it harder for a business to gain exposure and maximize the benefit of internet marketing. Fortunately, there’s a reliable way to gain exposure and growth, which literally will never go out of trend: Content marketing.

According to the statistics, over 70% of people prefer to learn about a company or a product from blogs or articles rather than traditional forms of advertisement. That’s why now almost every business is making a space of its own on the internet through powerful content.

Is Content Actually The King?

In the words of Seth Godin, best-selling author, and former dot com business executive, “Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.”

Rightfully so, as currently, about 84% of online buyers buy products based on descriptions they read in a blog. Moreover, every 2 out of 3 people read blogs, which directly increases the chances of a higher customer conversion rate. 

In this digital era, where “online is the new normal”, content is the ideal way to reach a wider audience and market your product or service. Therefore, content holds the power to quite literally translate your brand’s voice to the target audience. 

Out of many business marketing strategies, strong content marketing is one of the best and cheapest ways to get recognized as a brand. Some of the prime benefits of compelling content marketing are discussed below,

1. Build Expertise and Credibility

Adding blogs and detailed articles to your business website is a great way to share and demonstrate your knowledge with readers. In addition, it helps to establish your reputation as a brand and creates awareness among the people about what products and services you provide and what your brand stands for. 

Legitimate and well-versed content affirms the topical authority of your website and your business. Higher your credibility, more the sales.

2. Improve Google Ranking

Optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the content available on your website helps to improve your website rank in SERP. Using relevant keywords, quality of matter, SEO backlinks, and the content’s usefulness are important aspects of SEO strategy. Backlink generations through content are one of the most credible and authentic ways to gain traffic. 

The use of videos, images, products catalog in your content can add charm to the website and help improve ranking. Improved ranking helps increase traffic to the website, and hence more sales.

3. Stable Returns-On-Investment (ROI) In Long-Term

Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less than any other marketing strategy and generates thrice as many leads?

The content produced is renewable, easy to maintain and update. Once the content is created, you can reuse it in multiple ways, and its value grows over time. Inbound marketing empowered by content can create long-term and compounding effects.

4. Display Products and Services

The main motive of content marketing is to close the gap between your product and the customers. A thorough description of your products and services will allow your customers to understand your brand. Therefore, they will buy your products and avail your services. 

Furthermore, your website acts as an ongoing portfolio of your entire business achievements and every product or service available. It helps you earn the brand authority and trust, which results in more sales of your product. 

Wondering how? Let’s dive a little deeper into this. 

The Content Marketing Funnel

The content marketing funnel can explain how the content of your website facilitates your product and services sales.

The content marketing funnel is a continuous process and comprises 4 phases:

  1. Awareness- It is the first step of marketing. Assuming that the customer is unaware of the products and services you provide, the main purpose of content in this step is to educate your audience. So that lead generation can take place.
  1. EvaluationEvery content piece that describes your product is a sales pitch. Hence, words are all you have to turn a viewer into a customer. So that is why content is key for people to evaluate and convince themselves to believe in the product and hence, buy it.
  1. Conversion– The content includes webinars, demo videos, and free trials to ensure the audience that the product is useful and of great need. It is an essential step and enhances the customers’ confidence in the product.
  1. Reviews- Approximately 56% of people read reviews before buying a product or service. Hence, feedback, product reviews, social shares, and special promotions are included in this step.

5. Boost Competitive Advantage

Content marketing can be called the magnet that attracts more traffic to your website and generates leads. Good content on your website and blogs means more exposure which translates into a high ROI. 

Simply put, more exposure means more customers, and hence, your business grows at a faster rate compared to others in the market. 


Content marketing can provide more visibility to your products and a higher SERP ranking, bringing more customers your way. Therefore, it can facilitate your business’s growth and help achieve newer heights when done strategically.

Content is the best marketing tool that a business has, and to take full advantage, companies need to work with content writing services. Ghostwriting agencies create compelling content by understanding your brand’s needs and cater content accordingly.

Leap ahead of competitors and get an edge by making the most out of content marketing.