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We craft compelling stories that communicate your brand’s value & services. Oh, and we don’t take credit for it!

Professional Content Writing Solutions for Your Brand

You want to grow your user base, engage with more leads, and boost your revenue while retaining your existing customers. And, you’ve heard the power of SEO content. But, creating powerful stories is not easy – you need crisp content with the right keywords that define your brand.

We get it. That’s why we built Supercreator! We provide content as a service and help brands leverage the power of SEO to drive traffic & sales without the fuss of doing research and typing their way to a carpal tunnel syndrome! Supercreator is built to serve with top-notch content writers.

Why Should You Hire Supercreator?

A super writer is someone who’s learned the craftsmanship of SEO content writing but doesn’t want any credit for it. Their sole aim is to help you build your brand with super powerful stories that can rank on the first page of Google. Take a look at these benefits of hiring a superwriter:

Brand Growth

We’ve helped top brands grow their website traffic by 2x to 5x in the span of 12 months with the help of clear-cut SEO strategies & refreshing content that mirror the brand’s philosophy.

Content Expertise

Supercreator’s writers have been in the game for more than half a decade. We’ve written amazing SEO powered meta-descriptions for websites, professional articles, and product descriptions for companies that are in healthcare, fintech, lifestyle, luxury products, e-commerce, and others.


You don’t have to give our writers an official mention in your blog post or website. We’ll operate in the shadows but remember, your goals and our goals will always be the same.

Cut Costs

Maybe you don’t have a solid writer on your team. Or, hiring a top writer can drive a hole in your pocket. Either way, you need SEO content to scale your brand. Hiring a content writing service fixes that problem. And we provide the best content writing packages to achieve just that.

Want to know how?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ghostwriting is legal. In fact, several top brands and celebrities hire ghostwriters to weave their thoughts into words.

We write super powerful stories and you keep the credit. That's the beauty of ghostwriting. That's why top brands generally prefer to have a top ghostwriting unit like Supercreator on their books than full-time writers.

Supercreator is a ghostwriting brand that can help you create powerful content across domains like SEO content, blog writing, copywriting, email marketing, content writing for social media, press releases, technical content writing, academic ghostwriting, newsletters, story scripts and more.
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Our team of ghostwriters & SEO experts start by understanding your brand's philosophy and goals. Once they have a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be, they move on to creating an SEO strategy with targeted keyword research for on-page and off-page SEO. It's magic after that and it involves… Whatsapp Us Now to know more.

Our SEO and ghostwriting team is always in sync to ensure that each content piece is SEO friendly. We make sure to use the right keywords for content writing and not only that, our team optimizes the content by ensuring 3 level quality checks for SEO, grammar, and tonality.

Our content management team analyse and visualise every topic that's included in your bulk content order. After that, they assign it to our Ghostwriters based on what the topic demands and the deadlines associated with it. Supercreator can deliver content within 48 hours of your order. Whatsapp Us Now to know more.