7 Content Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Traffic in 2023

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The value of quality content in website strategy is unimaginable. It is the absolute make or break for any business. Good content strategies can help achieve your marketing goals to target your potential client base.

However, while creating brand awareness and mass engagement, business owners often tend to neglect content intentionally or unintentionally. 

Improving search results, driving website traffic and converting leads is quite a stressful job; we get it. But putting your entire focus on the technicality of your website can lead to drastic mistakes with content.

This article focuses on the top 7 mistakes you might be making that undermine your content in website strategy. 

1. Content Is Cluttered And Has An Unclear Information Flow

A good website focuses on well-written content that is connected and has an efficient flow of information. Akin to newspaper headlines or social media copies, your most in-demand offerings, USPs or other striking features need to be given the ultimate focus. 

But the key is not to clutter content or make it confusing. There is an intense want to publish every product or service you offer on the homepage. However, putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t much help. 

Rather, this breaks the content flow and makes it difficult for the reader to focus on your brand’s USPs. It also tends to be overwhelming if a lot of information is crammed up in a single web page. And it drives the readers away from your website. Moreover, the voice and tone of your content become thoroughly unclear. 

Remember, in web content, less is more and more is extra. And this is the motto you have to follow whilst writing down the content for your website. Make it crisp, to-the-point and jargon free!

2. SEO Has Not Been Considered

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the ultimate process to optimise your website content and search engine results. There is absolutely no point in writing quality content if it does not bring engagement. 

Considering both on-page and off-page SEO as a part of the content strategy for the web is important. Conduct thorough research to get the right keywords for ranking your website content as per the search query. 

Ensure the readability of your web content works for your target audience and is reasonable. SE optimise your headings and images as well. 

Here’s a 5-point SEO checklist for writing your website content in 2022 to take some burden off your shoulders.

3. Content And CTA Placement Have Not Been Strategised

Call-to-Action or CTAs play a huge role in bringing the reader’s focus to a particular action and initiating an immediate response. For example, buttons like “Enquire Now”, “Talk To An Expert”, “Get Started”, etc., are all CTAs that prompt your visitors to perform a task.

When focusing on content in website strategy, it is essential to ensure you plan your CTAs, keep them crisp and place them correctly. If your written content and CTA’s are not connected, your customer engagement will fall.

The same goes for your web content. Planning out your content structure as per the website layout is crucial. This makes your web pages attain clarity, flow and sense.

4. No Target Audience Has Been Considered For Content

Just like a concert would feel empty without its audience, your web content needs to have a target audience. This is important because your readers’ characteristics, interests, etc., suggest the type of content you must curate.

For instance, the target audience of a lifestyle web page is usually between the age groups of 20 and 35. Thus, a good content strategy would be to utilise casual and rich language quirky enough to draw attention. 

Look into your audience demographics. Next, base your strategy for website content and blog posts on what they like to read, when they are most active, etc.

5. Content Has Not Been Updated

Updating old content is the first step to improving your website content. Incorrect or outdated information is always a turnoff.

If your web content includes statistics or factual information, update them to keep up with the changing trends and figures. Rewrite old articles or web pages to polish the language and tonality and add a new flair to them. 

6. Lack Of Brand Voice

There are heaps of generic ideas in the world that can be an easy way out for budding entrepreneurs. Getting inspiration is one thing and simply copying content presentation and information from similar websites is another.

A brand is defined by its unique voice and tone. If generic ideas are used repeatedly to write content, then customers will be left unimpressed. This will also lead to a gradual decline in user engagements.

7. Content Is Too Sales-y And Hinders Education

While finalising the content in website strategy, some owners tend to become quite superficial. This is the case most of the time, especially when writing about one’s products or services, thus making content ‘sales-y’.

Content marketing is an art. It requires subtle promotions that don’t overwhelm the readers and drive them away.  

The right content strategy focuses on catering to your customer’s needs instead of selling your offerings first. Don’t seem desperate to make sales. The main aim of your content should be to educate and help the readers. 


Content in website strategy is as important as the visuals on your website. Undermining either can lead to snail-paced website traffic and only a handful of engagements.

Writing pieces of content for your website is about balancing between disseminating information and promoting your brand. Ensure your web content is updated, properly structured to avoid confusion, and reflects your brand voice.

Consider your target audience in your website strategy, plan out content placement and sprinkle the magic dust of SEO for serving good website content.