Top 10 SEO Trends in 2023 To Drive More Traffic

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Search Engine Optimization is an essential benchmark for any online business organization today. Engaging users and converting them into potential clients come next to the step of showing up in their search results. And this can be effectively accomplished by a profitable SEO strategy that follows all the recent search algorithms and SEO trends. 

These trends change regularly so it is important to keep up with the latest strategy to ensure the visibility of your website to the target users. Here are the top 10 SEO trends that will have a drastic impact on your website traffic.

1. Artificial Intelligence Directing Predictive Search

Artificial Intelligence is making internet surfing easy and efficient with every passing day. In 2023 AI is becoming the stepping foot in ranking search engine results pages (SERP). Hence, the only smart move to make here would be to cater to website content that has the ability to qualify in the AI ranking factors. Following this strategy, your website has a higher chance of getting a place in the top business directories. 

Experts suggest that the AI will rank the pages based on the user interaction and experience in the individual sites. Therefore, creating content and improving the user experience is going to be a long-term SEO trend in the foreseeable future.

2. Increase in Voice Search Queries

Studies have shown that 20% of the searches are done through voice search and this is significantly impacting the search results of several pages. Usually, voice search queries have specific questions. Structuring your website data to answer particular queries can boost up your visibility and increase voice search optimization. 

Use of long-tail keywords and schema metadata to provide additional information about your website to search engines. This will surely improve SEO ranking and also is an optimum practice for voice search optimization strategy. 

3. Building Websites For Mobile First

As Google alters its SEO algorithm in favor of mobile users, it is only natural that mobile-first indexing is a noticeable SEO trend that is on the rise. Structure your data uniformly for mobile and desktop sites with prioritized indexing of relevant information. Remove any irrelevant data if it is not at all necessary for the crawling pages. 

The content of the website should be organized in a manner where important information about your website is displayed properly and the mobile responsiveness should be optimal. A proper meta description with mobile optimized title tags can give you a great advantage in search results. Usually, a short and unique description of your website goes a long way in bringing your website in limelight.

4. Content Consistent With Google EAT Improves Ranking

Google E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust. It is a guideline for rating the quality of a website content used by human evaluators to rate the quality of a search result. Though it is not a rating factor this gives us an idea of google’s standard for quality content and it highly depends on the user experience. 

It highlights a necessary change in Google’s viewpoint of quality content where keyword prominence is prioritized over keyword density. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is an example of such a revolutionized SEO trend that prevents keyword stuffing and further improves the quality of the content by making it relevant to the addressed topic.

5. Content For People Over Bots

With all the changes in the SEO ranking algorithm of search engines and especially Google, one key factor for making your website rank higher is still constant. That is the uniqueness and originality of your content. The authenticity of the information and service you provide is essential to produce original content in relevance to your target audience. 

Content written and formulated by experts in the field like content writers or good ghostwriting agencies always ensures quality and originality. Human creativeness cannot be replaced by bots and never loses its authenticity. Google understands this and that’s why SEO favours content for people over bots. 

6. Long-Form Content Driving More Backlinks

It is a general notion that long-form content disrupts SEO ranking but experts say otherwise. In various surveys, it has been proved that content crossing the 500-word count often gets a better ranking according to the recent SEO trends. Search results for important topics often require in-depth information according to the user’s needs. 

Source: Buzzsumo

According to google almost 10% of the users search for topics to learn them thoroughly from beginning to advance. Another advantage of having content with a huge word count is having more backlinks. 

It is evident from the study conducted by MOZ that there is a direct correlation between word count and the number of backlinks. Needless to say, more backlinks improve your ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). 

7. Video Is Essential For Successful Content Marketing

Users tend to like video sources of information over other search results. So including optimized videos in your SEO strategy is essential for keeping up with the SEO trends. From the recent scenario of trending video platforms like Youtube and  Instagram, it is clear that creating relevant videos with user-friendly descriptions is a good way of reaching your target audience. 

So regularly creating an optimized video is necessary for content marketing in the digital world.

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8. Core Web Vitals Means Quality Website

Along with Keywords and content quality, your website is ranked on the basis of its performance. Which again comes under the user experience. Keeping your site’s web vitals in check and ready for high traffic periods is very essential to hold a good rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). 

9. Social Signals Matter

The online presence of your business organization is indirectly a key factor for your ranking in the search result even if it is not a ranking factor. Social signals impact the search results to a great extent. Even the algorithm of the Google BERT model depends on it a little. The social signal includes how many likes, comments, and shares your daily content on social media platforms gains. 

It also depends on the followers your pages have all over social media. This works on the basis of the factor that the more a content is rated by users the more relevance it gets in the search result of that particular topic. So to ensure a good social media score include daily, relevant and quality content posting on all the important and trendy platforms.

10. Local SEO Differs Largely From Organic SEO

Search results are ranked according to the user’s preference and it is a key factor that can affect the ranking of a website significantly. Local SEO refers to the search result that appears when a user searches for some product or service using their current location. 

This allows the search engine to recognize the user’s needs and specify the nearby businesses according to their needs. This is how geotargeting works. Therefore, local SEO requires proper nap citation of your business organization. 

On the other hand, Organic results are displayed when the user does not search for anything relevant to a particular location. Sometimes Local SEO can also improve Organic search results by backlinking your website through the business directories of the search engines. 

Hence, both Local and Organic SEO is important to improve Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) ranking for your website and they are complementary to each other for a better user experience.


Search Engine Optimization is a huge factor in shaping your website’s rank in the search result and it is not easy to plan and execute a proper SEO strategy. Hence, there are tools like Google My Business that help you optimize your website with minimal effort. Keeping up with SEO trends and applying them to your digital marketing strategy ensures that your online presence keeps growing at an exponential rate.