Hiring In House Writer vs. Ghostwriting Agency: Which One Should You Choose For Your Business?


The efficiency of any business depends on its effectiveness and the ability to grasp attention. Undoubtedly, having good content on your website fulfils both of these requirements. In addition, as we modernize from traditional advertising towards a digital world, the content you portray on your website online will only increase the value of your brand.

We have come a long way from print advertising days. With the emergence of SEO and Digital Marketing, content has proved to be the most efficient way to connect businesses with their consumers. 

The importance and need of content writing have raised another big question, “which is better- hiring a full-time writer or a ghost content writing company?”

Well, the choice between the two will depend on your budget, requirements and agency to some extent. While both the options are safe, a ghostwriting agency has the edge over hiring a full-time writer for a variety of reasons that we’ll discuss further in this article.

What is an In House Writer?

An in-house writer, also called a staff writer, is a company’s employee who writes part-time or full-time for a company. They are compensated for producing content for that company and generally have particular office hours, like other employees.

However, it has its limitations. For example, the company does not get a variety of writers as they can in content writing outsourcing.

What does a Ghostwriting Agency do?

If your content writer is not efficient, you’re single-handedly losing the competition. But, conversely, a company that fails in maintaining a consistent flow of fresh and valuable content ends up giving an edge to its competitors.

If you’re looking for a content writer that can do all of this, hiring a ghostwriting agency would be the right thing to do. They are a third-party writer to your brand, and their content particularly targets the audience.

We understand what you might be wondering- how can the ghostwriting agency know and understand your brand better than you do? Well, they don’t have to. Hiring a ghostwriter does not mean you’ll be losing all control over your brand’s content. It’s you who has to provide content topics and references to the ghostwriter, and you have full copyright ownership of the content for marketing purposes and online posting.  

Why Should You Hire A Ghostwriting Agency Over In-House Writers?

Hesitance in hiring an content writing agency outside your company is quite understandable but can also be very easily debunked. There are several advantages to considering a ghostwriting agency that will ease your concern. Moreover, there are no drawbacks, only positives to maximize on. 

1. Cost-Efficient

Hiring an in-house writer can prove to be expensive for newly established brands. Moreover, it is a costly proposition. There are very few freelance writers who agree to negotiate on a fair price, and most of them have a set paisa-per-word fee. Thus, affordable ghostwriting services are a far better option to get both quality and efficiency. 

In addition, ghostwriting companies offer a variety of packages with different tiers of pricing. As they are budget-friendly, it enables you to choose a package that fits your budget without compromising the final product’s quality.

2. Content Expertise

A ghostwriting agency provides you with high-quality content as they have writers’ specialization. Working closely with different nature of contents across various industries grant the ghostwriting agencies versatility. Unlike in-house writers they have a vast pool of knowledge that instantly increases the quality of the content.

Hiring a ghostwriting agency guarantees the high quality of your content. It offers professionalism without having to struggle with the quality. You can have the most amazing product or service within your brand, but if you fail to pass on the “why” of that product, you won’t succeed as you wish to. This is ensured in ghostwriting as they spend most of their time writing.

3. No Liability

Ghostwriters do not have any liability, so they are quick in producing content. Moreover, they neither have to worry about running a business nor do they have to oversee employees as you do. Hence, it is a fairly easy task for them to put together blogs and content whenever you need them.


A ghostwriting agency can do wonders for your brand’s content. Thus, it pays to know which one suits your company’s needs, before making a decision. When you hire a good and reliable ghostwriting agency, your job gets easier. All you need to do is stay in contact and experience the fruit of the results. 

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