7 Reasons Why A Blog Section Is Essential For Your Website

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A decade ago, blogging was equated to space for expressing opinions and facts by experts and enthusiasts. However, it has come a long way to become one of the most popular tools for SEO growth. It has evolved as an effective traffic generation tool. Almost all the digital marketing champions are univocal about the efficacy of blogging for overall business growth. 

You may already know what blogging is. But if you don’t, read more on it here.

As per a statistical survey by Hubspot, B2B marketers that use blogs as a marketing strategy generate over 67% more leads than those who don’t. Sohat is so awesome about having a blog section for a website that it’s all over the marketing world today? Let us find out.

1. Increase Your Website Traffic

Successful sales often start at heavy website traffic, which develops into leads, and finally helps you lock various deals. The conversion ratio often depends upon your blogging expertise and how well you craft your website content to match the visitor interest. In quantitative terms, the more you blog, the more data you provide to the search engines to crawl and index. 

It eventually implies that you can amplify your web presence by placing more quality blogging content on your business website. The same Hubspot survey claims that companies that use blogs receive 97% more links to their website from different internet sources.

2. Promote SEO And Improve SERP Rankings

Having an optimised blog section for a website also contributes to improving the SERP rankings of your business. A blog with optimised content is likely to attract more readers. Once the web algorithm recognises the pattern, they start prioritising high-traffic blogs. This organically increases their chance of standing out from their competitors. 

An effective SEO strategy also helps shape the wholesome marketing strategy for your business to suit future needs. A good way to promote SEO is by engaging in extensive keyword research, formatting, and keyword placement in your blogs.

3. Become A Thought Leader In Your Industry

A blog with relevant content shows the audience and potential customers that your website is a trusted source for opinion and information. In addition, writing blog articles about most searched topics related to your industry helps build an image that you are more than just a product selling company. You hold domain expertise.

The blog section for a website also helps voice your opinion. This helps in building an image as a thought leader in the industry. As per a 2016 report by Demand Gen, 47% of the buyers refer to at least three to five blogs before making a purchase decision. 

For example, many blogs and ideas find a mention of Hubspot while talking about SEO and other digital marketing strategies. It is their technical expertise and the way of propagation that has led to the current scenario. 

4. Add A Voice To Your Brand

Every brand needs a voice to add to the exclusiveness of its products and services. They can also talk directly with their audience through their blogs alongwith quality reinforcement. 

Blogging for businesses is an effective way to humanise their brands which also makes them an existing entity where customers can read, listen, and have a conversation. In the presence of larger players, small players always need to move ahead with smarter market development strategies to stay in the game.

However, SEO optimised blog sections for websites is one way they can establish their own identity. There is a lot of scope for showcasing their creativity and innovation through content expertise.

5. Create Shareable Content

What is the best way to project your brand as a domain expert? Curating content that people find reliable and trustworthy, making them shareable.

One of the ways content creation helps define your brand image is by enabling your audience to share the content on several social media channels. Those channels may include social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

As the number of shares shoots up, audiences start searching your website content for relatable information to share on social media. One can always take inspiration from elite examples like Forbes, which generates their blogs to suit the audience requirements.

6. Increase Sales By Lead Generation

A survey image with the following inferences-

- 59% of b2b marketers consider blogs the most valuable channel.
- Social media and blogs account for 23% of time spent online.
- Companies with blogs produce +67% leads per month.

As per an independent SEO survey quoted in Forbes, businesses with a blog section for websites generate over 67% more leads than companies that don’t use blogs. Their page indexing is 434% more and has 97% more indexing links. It all funnels down to a better SEO approach and improved SEO ranking for the company website. 

Talking about the B2B sphere, over 79% of businesses now use blogging, and the percentage of social media and email is 92% and 93%, respectively. Therefore, hiring a blog writing service is always a good idea as the statistics related to companies that use blogs speak volumes about its efficacy in lead generation. 

7. Leads To Growth In The Long Term

Just like every blog you post on your company website is another indexed page, each new post is also a unique opportunity to convert new leads for your business. As a result, many companies adopt this simple yet sophisticated strategy to generate leads through blogs. 

Adding a call-to-action (CTA) button to every blog gives the visitor a chance to interact directly with your website and your business. This can lead to a new account for you. Getting a positive return on investment is one of the many advantages of a simple yet holistic blogging effort.

You can seek relevant information from the visitors through CTAs. And you can offer them free fact sheets, unlimited reads, or free trials of services in exchange.


Blogging and content writing aren’t difficult tasks. It depends upon the understanding you have of your brand and the idea you want to convey to your visitors. Having a blog section for a website also serves as a communication channel between your business and customers. They can always refer to your brand voice to know the offerings better apart from the functional benefits. 

Therefore, one of the best ways to begin smart marketing is to write solid, informative and unique blogs. And Supercreator is your solution for all writing needs. We will help you write perfect blog posts and get your brand under that much-desired spotlight.